T&Cs /


Rates /

Please check model rates when booking. The hourly rates apply to the time on set and do not include usage. Please note invoicing will apply for all hours booked irrespective of early wrap times.

The Working Day / Photography

A standard day is classified as an 8 hour day between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, including a lunch break. Penalty rates may apply outside these hours or on public holidays.

Penalty / Overtime Rates / Photography

Overtime rates: Overtime is billable as of 20 minutes or more after the agreed finish time. Overtime is charged as a full hour, as soon as commenced.

Penalty rates: Outside of standard hours (those being 8:00 am-6:00 pm), the hourly rate is billed as 1.5 times the model’s standard rate, unless agreed to in writing prior to the shoot. A special rate is negotiated for work after 11.00 pm and before 7.00 am. Working on weekends can incur a higher rate to be negotiated at the time of booking.

Travel Rate / Photography

Please check travel rates when booking talent.
This rate applies to travel outside a 10km radius of the C.B.D. (ie Brighton in the South, Reservoir in the North, Brooklyn in the West, and Nth Balwyn in the East). Travel time is calculated from departure time in the city to arrival back in the city. Travel days are charged at half the model’s daily rate.

Nude, Semi-Nude, Underwear and Swimwear /

The client must advise the agency at the time of booking if underwear or swimwear is a requirement of the booking. If so, higher rates may apply. The client must advise the agency at the time of booking if nude or semi-nude is a requirement of the booking. A higher rate will apply in these instances. The Agency is unable to accept any nude or semi-nude bookings without first obtaining the full consent of the model. Any requests for nude or semi-nude made on set will not be accepted.

Usage / Photography

All photography is to be used only for the purpose for which it was originally shot and negotiated with the agent. Third party usage will need to be negotiated separately. Any additional usage outside the agreed time frame or for loadings used for example; billboards, lightboxes, stills on TV etc. is a separate fee that needs to be negotiated and authorized by GIANT. Please note ‘digital usage’ does not cover in store, outdoor/OOH, television or cinema displays and these platforms are to be negotiated separately.

Please note / Photography can only be used once invoice has been paid in full.

Point of Purchase & Product Booking /

No advertisement, poster, billboard, display/card, swing tag, package, website, point of purchase or use of the model’s image or name may be used unless negotiated and cleared with GIANT in writing prior to the commencement of the booking. It is the client’s responsibility to check product bookings with GIANT for conflicts.

Provisional Bookings (Holds) /

If a client does not exercise their option to release or confirm a provisional booking within 48 hours of the option date, GIANT reserves the right to cancel the booking, allowing secondary or definite bookings to take precedence.

Weather Dependant Bookings /

If a client books a model with a weather hold option, the following conditions apply:

First cancellation – no fee

Second cancellation – half fee

Third cancellation and subsequent cancellations – full fee

The type of weather required must be specified at the time of booking. Full cancellation will be charged if the same model is not re-booked.

Cancellations /

If a client cancels a confirmed booking for a model, the following conditions apply:

If cancellation occurs within 24 hours (1 working day) prior to commencement: FULL FEE.

If cancellation occurs within 48 hours (2 working days) prior to commencement: 50% of fee.

If cancellation occurs on arrival at booking: FULL FEE.

Tests and Folio Shoots /

Photographers may not use test shoots for commercial purposes. Usage is only granted for a personal folio or promotional use by the photographer. Any test shoots that result in commercial usage will require an additional usage fee unless specific arrangements have been made with the Agency. Any additional crew requesting usage of the image need to communicate with GIANT and have usage agreed in writing by GIANT at the time of booking.

Shows /

Please check rates at the time of booking. Any use of photography or video footage must be advised to GIANT in writing prior to booking.

Television /

Commercials and stills are to be negotiated at the time of casting/booking and are quoted for 12 months on air within Australia only. Any lesser or greater extensions or territories must be negotiated in writing at the time of casting/booking. No model may commence a television booking until the applicable equity contract has been completed and signed by both the client and GIANT. If first on-air date cannot be supplied at the time the contract is signed it will be deemed to be within 30 days of signing of the contract.

Video /

Please check rates at the time of booking.

Meals /

Clients are responsible for all meals on all bookings outside the metropolitan area. Clients must check with the agency prior to the job with any dietary requirements.

Complaints /

Any cause for complaint should be reported to GIANT as soon as possible during the course of the booking.

Agency Service Fee /

Agency Service Fee is a mandatory fee on all bookings made with GIANT, and is not a negotiable fee for the purposes of making a booking. The Agency Service Fee is calculated at 15% (excluding GST) on the total of the job and loading for all jobs booked.

Covid-19 /
As mandated by the Victorian Government all businesses in Victoria that have people working on or customers attending any premises must have a COVIDSafe Plan in place. 
This plan is to be provided prior to the commencement of the shoot and must include at a minimum:
• actions taken by the employer to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the work premises
• the process in place to maintain records of everyone who comes to the work premises
• the appropriate level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn at the work premises
• the processes the employer has put in place to respond to a suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) at the work premises.
• acknowledgement that the employer understands its responsibilities and obligations.

The client is responsible at all times during the booking for ensuring the workplace is compliant with all current government regulations and their CovidSafe plan is site specific and actively enforced.
If the health and safety procedures outlined in the CovidSafe plan are not being actively enforced during the booking the talent is at liberty to leave immediately. In this instance 100% of the invoice is liable to be paid by the client.

Payment /

All invoices excluding deposits are to be paid within 14 days of invoice date. Extended payment terms are to be discussed and approved on a case by case basis.
Agreed usage rights do not apply until the invoice has been paid in full.

100% deposit invoices are applicable on first time/new client bookings and/or may be applicable in a new financial year. Bookings over a total amount or more of $5k may require full or partial deposit ahead of job commencement.

In all cases, the client booking the model will be invoiced and solely responsible for payment unless otherwise agreed, and confirmation given, prior to the commencement of the booking.